The rules and requirements of the competition can be found in the regulations.

  1. HortiChallenge is a competition open to students of the horticulture. Participants must be current students. Student must be not older than 26 years.
  2. Every country can send one team (consisting two students) to the competition.
  3. If a country can’t send a team, then other countries have the option to send more than one team.
  4. The National Coordinator of EUROPEA or the team-leader will fill the official online registration form.
  5. Maximum number of competing teams is 20.
  6. Every team must be accompanied by at least one team-leader.
  7. The team leader is responsible for the good behaviour of his/her team during the whole stay (24/7).
  8. All team members must have a valid health insurance.
  9. HortiChallenge consists of 20 different practical tasks.
  10. Most of the tasks are held outdoors.
  11. Solving every task will last 15 minutes maximum.
  12. The performance is disqualified if it exceeds the estimated time limit or the rules of the task or safety instructions are violated.
  13. It is forbidden to use mobile phone or other smart devices during competition tasks if it’s not said otherwise by the judge.
  14. Depending on the tasks, one or both students of each team can solve the tasks.
  15. It is allowed to use your own pruners and grafting knife. Inform task judges about the usage of own equipment before you start.
  16. Judges evaluate the tasks.
  17. All claims about evaluations is required to report to the head judge no later than 2 hours after the results are announced.
  18. The best team will be given 20 points per task (1strank), the second best 19 points (2ndrank), the third 18 point etc.
  19. The best team in every task will be honoured.
  20. The 3 teams that totalise the highest score in all tasks will be honoured with special prizes.
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